5G-SOLUTIONS will provide:

  1. Validation of more than 140 KPIs for 20 innovative and heterogeneous use cases that require 5G performance capabilities and that are expected to have a high future commercialization potential. These use cases will be field trialed separately as well as concurrently with real end-user are through ICT-17’s 5G-EVE Italy and 5G-VINNI Norway, Greece, Ireland and Belgium facilities, thus validating their conformance to target 5G KPIs specified for each use case, as well as their business potential, ethical and social acceptance;
  2. Technological enablers for facilitating the execution of the field trials in an automated way, including:
    • a unified cross-domain service orchestrator enabling multidomain slicing and 5G service lifecycle automation
    • an innovative smart KPI visualization system for facilitating the near real-time analysis, presentation, benchmarking and performance validation of reference 5G network KPIs against predefined target values
    • intent-based APIs for stimulating innovation and fostering the development, portability and provisioning of new innovative applications by SMEs
  3. Significant contribution to 5G standardization to a number of SDOs and open fora, such as 3GPP, ETSI, ITU-T, IETF, ONF, NGMN, EBU, etc.