5G-SOLUTIONS has assembled a network of leading pan-European actors in both horizontal industries (telecom vendors, operators and service providers) and from five representative vertical industries, the majority of which are members of 5G-PPP. The vertical industries have been selected and prioritised based on 5G-PPP published recommendations, on the basis that they are expected to have the highest potential commercial impact and citizen/end-user benefits over 5G networks.

Our consortium comprises 26 partners covering 9-member states and associated countries, driven by industry heavyweights from European telecom operators (TELECOM ITALIA, TELENOR and FORTHNET), relevant large industry 5G adopters (PROCTER & GAMBLE, ENEL, IBM, GLAN, IREN, YARA), leading telecom vendors (ERICSSON, NOKIA), Telecom solutions provider (ICOM), SMEs (ARES2T, APP-ART, CYBERETHICSLAB, EBOS TECHNOLOGIES, INLECOM, IRIS, LIVEU, NUROGAMES, ORBIS) and renowned research organisations/academia (CTTC, NTNU, PIIU, UNIVERSITY OF PATRA, WATERFORD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY) that have close collaboration with relevant users or user communities. The majority of the consortium members participated and/or still participate in 24 out of the 43 5G-PPP projects and in several 5G-PPP Working Groups, thus enabling 5G-SOLUTIONS to build on and build from a broad canvas of previously supported 5G-PPP initiatives.