Communication Activities

Press Releases

Title Partner(s) Media Date Link
LiveU collaborates on two additional pan-european EU 5G projects LiveU Multiple magazines articles (printed and online); TV Technology, Business Insider, … Feb, 2020 (Spanish) (Business Insider)

LiveU increases its collaboration on two additional PanEuropean EU 5G initiatives / NAB 2020 LiveU TM Broadcast International, #80, ISSN: 2659-5966 April, 2020

eBOS Technologies Ltd leading innovations for 5G and beyond technologies EBOS InBusiness web magazine (GR Version) May, 2020

« La 5G va permettre encore plus d’usages transverses entre marchés verticaux. »
LiveU MediaKWest #37 JUIN JUILLET 2020 June, 2020

A la Une

New game-changing product launch (LU800), CEO statement and multiple PRs: LiveU June, 2020

“Wasserman continued, “With the return of live sports, 5G is expected to play a significant role in live production and contribution. The LU800’s smart 5G-bonding technology enhances the sustainability of video quality in sports stadiums and other venues, taking advantage of the increased bandwidth, lower latency and greater speeds offered by 5G networks. Our successful live 5G broadcasts with leading US, APAC and European cellular providers, together with our ongoing participation in EU 5G collaborative projects, have strengthened our knowledge and expertise in this field, enabling us to enhance our algorithms and solutions accordingly.”–first-production-level-field-unit-301069267.html

AppArt and 5G SOLUTIONS project, in the area of 5G technologies AppArt

June, 2020

Rencontre avec Baruch Altman, LiveU, à l’orée de la vague 5G

July, 2020

Testing 5G network in logistics operations at Herøya Yara

August, 2020

5G for media and entertainment: from theory to practical use cases LiveU IABM Journal 3rd quarter 2020 #114 (The International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry September, 2020

What 5G means for media and entertainment LiveU TM Broadcast International, #86, Baruch Altman “what 5G means for media and entertainment” pg 54 October, 2020

AppArt involvement in Infocom World 2020, with 5G-SOLUTIONS Workshop AppArt

October, 2020

NEWS, SUCCESS STORIES – LiveU collaborates in two additional pan-European EU 5G projects LIVEU TM Broadcast International, #78 February, 2020

Ensuring 5G Technology Acceptance and Sustainability CEL Networld 2020 March, 2020
A new Horizon, by Baruch Altman LIVEU TVB Europe March, 2020
Co-creation of smart sustainable cities – the 5G-SOLUTIONS project TNOR, NTNU Eurescom message, Winter 2020, page 12 December, 2020
Glanbia Public 5G collaboration based on learnings from 5G solutions Project GLAN Multiple online articles July-August 2021–1391110

White Papers/Success Stories/Factsheets

Title Partner(s) Journal/Magazine Date Link
Final version 5G-SOLUTIONS roll-up EBOS N/A 12/06/2019 N/A
Corporate Presentation to PPCR (Public Power Corporation Renewables) in Athens, Greece AppArt N/A 05/11/2019 N/A
Final version 5G-SOLUTIONS factsheet EBOS N/A 03/12/2019 N/A
Blog post from Nokia Israel to our customers (in Hebrew) Nokia N/A 22/12/2019

News, Success Stories – LiveU collaborates on two additional pan-european EU 5G projects LiveU TM Broadcast International #78 February, 2020


Corporate Presentation to HEDNO (Hellenic Distribution Network Operator) in Athens, Greece AppArt N/A 13/05/2020 N/A
Business Validation in 5G PPP Vertical Use Cases ILS, TNOR, FNET N/A June, 2020

Ensuring 5G Technology Acceptance and Sustainability CEL Networld2020 March, 2020

Harmonizing standards for Edge Computing Nokia ETSI Whitepaper July, 2020

Harmonizing standards for edge computing – A synergized architecture leveraging ETSI ISG MEC and 3GPP specifications

Service performance measurement methods over 5G experimental networks NOVA, WIT, APPART 5G-PPP TMV White Paper May, 2021
AI and ML – Enablers for Beyond 5G Networks LMI, IBM and TNOR 5G PPP Technology Board May, 2021
View on 5G Architecture, Version 4.0 NOVA, LMI, TNOR, CTTC, TIM 5G-PPP Architecture Working Group October, 2021
5G Infrastructure PPP Trials & Pilots NOVA, LIVEU, TIM, TNOR, CTTC 5G-PPP Brochure August, 2021
5G ecosystems TNOR, CEL, NOVA 5G Infrastructure Association, Vision and Societal Challenges Working Group, Business Validation, Models, and Ecosystems Sub-Group September 2021

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