Event Organisation

Conference organization/sponsored:

  1. EBOS sponsored the 11th ICT Conference & Exhibition – Tech Revolution, June 2021, Cyprus. Link: https://www.imhbusiness.com/en/events/11th-ict-conference-exhibition-tech-revolution/
  2. CTTC organized theIEEE international Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking 2021 (MeditCom2021), 7-10 September 2021, Athens, Greece. Link: https://meditcom2021.ieee-meditcom.org/
  3. CTTC in collaboration with TIM and TNOR organized the Special Session: “5G Solutions for Verticals and European Citizens” at the IEEE International Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking (MEDITCOM), September 2021, Athens, Greece.
  4. TIM sponsored EUCNC 2022 in Grenoble

Workshops organization:

  1. AppArt organized 1 special session at the “5G-PPP Technology Board Workshop 2020”. Presentation on “Verticals’ KPI testing and validation” by Kostis Tzanettis (AppArt). Online, May 2020. Link: https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-ppp-technology-board-workshop-2020/
  2. A2T organized the Round Table “Nuovi mercati e nuovi mestieri, le opportunità delle reti ad altissima velocità” at the IoThings Week / ITALIA5G. Speaker: Yuri Chianese, May 2020, Online. Link https://www.iothingsweek.com/palinsesto/
  3. A2T in collaboration with PIIU and TIM organized the workshop “5G networks and SME involvement: technological validation and commercial sustainability in the key sectors” at the IoThings Insights, June 2020, Italy, Online. Presenters: Yuri Chianese (A2T), Maurizio Cecchi (PIIU) and Andrea Di Giglio (TIM). Link: https://www.innovability.eu/insights/#5g
  4. APPART together with NOVA, A2T and PIIU organized the workshop “5G SOLUTIONS – A European 5G platform available to SME” at the Infocom World 2020, November 2020, Greece, Online.  Presenters: Kostis Tzanettis (APPART), Ioannis Markopoulos (NOVA), Yuri Chianese (A2T) and Maurizio Cecchi (PIIU)
  5. TNOR in collaboration with NTNU and YARA organized the workshop with iKUBEN (Norwegian National Centre of Excellence) – “5G for the Future – workshop with Telenor, NTNU and SINTEF“, November 2020, Molde, Norway, Online. Link: https://ikuben.no/arkiv/2511-5g-for-framtida-workshop-med-telenor-ntnu-og-sintef?rq=5g
  6. A2T in collaboration with PIIU, TIM and ENEL organized the workshop “5G SOLUTIONS, your business on 5G” at the IoThings Week 2021, May 2021, Milan, Italy, Online. Presenters: Yuri Chianese (A2T), Andrea di Giglio (TIM), Elena Vitelaru (A2T), Giovanni Coppola (ENEL), Antonino Biondi (ENEL), Maurizio Cecchi (PIIU). Link: https://www.iothingsweek.com/events/5g-solutions/
  7. 5G-SOLUTIONS in collaboration with 11 5GPPP projects (Affordable5G, FUDGE-5G, 5G-VINNI, 5G-RECORDS, 5GROWTH, 5G-CLARITY, 5G-SMART, 5G-TOURS, 5G-INDUCE, 5G-VICTORI and PriMO-5G) organized the “5G Private Networks” workshop at EuCNC & 6G Summit 2021, June 2021, Online. TNOR participated with the talk “Towards efficient 5G NPN Readiness and Testing, addressing the Industry 4.0 challenges of SMEs” by Häkon Lonsethagen (TNOR). Link: https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-private-networks-workshop-at-eucnc-6g-summit/
  8. A2T in collaboration with PIIU, TIM and IREN organized the workshop “5G SOLUTIONS Workshop” at the IOTHINGS WORLD 2021, September 2021, Assago, Italy, Online. Presenters: Yuri Chianese (A2T), Andrea di Giglio (TIM), Gianluca Serale (IREN), Maurizio Cecchi (PIIU) and Silvia Canale (A2T). Link: https://iothings.world/events/5gsolutions/
  9. NOVA together with TNOR and CEL organized the 5G-SOLUTIONS Workshop “5G impact in Media and Entertainment”, November 2021, Online. Presenters: Ioannis Markopoulos (NOVA), Per-Jonny Nesse (TNOR), Luigi Briguglio (CEL).
  10. TIM together with NOVA organized the 5G-SOLUTIONS workshop “Broadcaster's workshop”, February 2022, Online. Presenters: Andrea di Giglio (TIM), Ioanis Markopoulos (NOVA)
  11. TIM organized a standardization workshop, June 2022, Patras, Greece, Online.
  12. TIM, TNOR, CEL and CTTC organized the workshop & webinar “5G-SOLUTIONS Seminar – Co-creation for 5G solutions in Industry and Media”, November 2022, Oslo, Norway.
  13. CEL, as partner of 5G-SOLUTIONS, was gold sponsor of the fifth edition of the conference 5G Italy 2022, held in Rome (Italy) on 30th November and 1st December 2022 (https://5gitaly2022.eu)

Industrial workshops organization:

  1. TIM organized the industrial panel “5G: new industrial revolution or just better performance?” at the Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN) 2020, 24-27 March 2020, Milan, Italy. Presenter: Andrea Di Giglio (TIM), Francesc Corominas (PGBS), Elena Vitelaru (A2T) and Arve Haavik (YARA). Link: https://www.drcn2020.polimi.it/program/industrial-panel/
  2. TIM  organized the industrial panel “5G: new industrial revolution or only higher bandwidth?”, Optical Network Design and Modelling (ONDM) 2020, 18-21 May 2020, Castelldefels, Spain. Presenter: Andrea Di Giglio (TIM), Matteo Grandi (IRIS), Michael Power (GLAN) and Sofiane Zemouri (IBM). Link: https://ondm2020.cttc.cat/index.php/conference/workshops/2-uncategorised/18-ws3-5g-new-industrial-revolution-or-only-higher-bandwidth
  3. TIM and CTTC organized the industrial virtual panel Not just phone calls and messages where new telecommunication technologies (5G) are hiding?in collaboration with the IEEE ComSoc EMEA region. Organizers: Andrea Di Giglio (TIM) and Christos Verikoukis (CTTC), September 2020, Online. Speakers: Baruch Altman (LIVEU), Yash Shekhawat (NURO) and Vergantini Ilaria (ENEL). Link: https://6g-ia.eu/event/5gsolutions-virtual-panel-in-collaboration-with-the-ieee-comsoc-emea-region-board/
  4. TIM organized the industrial workshop “New generation networks: how will 5G change networks, our life, and our bank account?” at the Optical Network Design and Modelling (ONDM) 2021, June 2021, Gothenburg, Sweden, Online. Presenter: Andrea Di Giglio (TIM). Link: https://ondm2021.chalmers.se/new-generation-networks-how-will-5g-change-networks-our-life-and-our-bank-account/

Webinars, webcasts, workshops, podcasts participation:

  1. [TNOR + NOVA] Workshop participation. Technical Committee workshop of 5G-PPP. Malaga, Spain October 2019.
  2. [NURO] Webcast. “Discover Techniques and the End-to-End System of 5G Network”, Online, March 2020.
  3. [NURO] Webinar. “Verticals Onboarding, Testing and Monitoring In 5G-VINNI”, Online, March 2020, https://www.5g-vinni.eu/webinar-on-verticals-onboarding-testing-and-monitoring-in-5g-vinni/
  4. [NURO] Event participation. 5G World Event 2020 conference & exhibition, London, September 2020. Link: https://uk5g.org/attend/5g-world-2020/
  5. [TIM] Podcast. Re:platform, podcast in Ecommerce CX and technology, Online, November 2020. Link: https://replatform.fm/
  6. [TIM] Podcast. “Il 5g: la quarta rivoluzione industrial”, Milan, Online, November 2020. Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/it/podcast/il-5g-la-quarta-rivoluzione-industriale/id1537866447?i=1000500675886
  7. [IRIS] Webinar participation. Organized by Cluster of Photonics Secpho: “5G para la industria 5.0”, November 2020
  8. [IRIS] Workshop participation. Virtual Workshop of the 5GPPP Technology Board, Online, December 2020. Link: https://5g-ppp.eu/newsflash-december-2020/#lien10
  9. [TIM] Web TV. Euronext web TV: “Launching Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries”, Online, May 2021.
  10. [TIM] Webinar. “Megatrends: 5G Il caso di 5G-SOLUTIONS”, Online, May 2021.
  11. [NURO] Event participation. IoT Week 2021, Dublin, September 2021. Link: https://iotweek.org/
  12. [APPART] Workshop participation. Kostis Tzanettis, “Α KPI Visualization System for Use Case validation of the 5G network”, Special Session “5G Solutions for Verticals and European Citizens” at the IEEE MeditCom conference 2021, Athens, Greece, Online, September 2021. Link: https://meditcom2021.ieee-meditcom.org/program/full-program-2/
  13. [ILS + TIM] Webinar. “Demystifying 5G in Manufacturing”, September 2021, Online. Link: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6844283288945741824/
  14. [ENEL] ESA event. Presentation of the 5G-SOLUTIONS project (focused on LL2 activities), Space2Connect Conference, October 2021, Online. Link: http://www.space2connect21.esa.int/
  15. [TIM] Webinar. Mobile network operator keynote, “Beyond 5G Expert Days 2021” organized by Rohde & Schwarz, Online, November 2021. Link: https://www.rohde-schwarz.com/it/soluzioni/test-and-measurement/wireless-communication/events/beyond-5g-expert-days-2021_254785.html
  16. [EBOS] Workshop participation. Presentation “5G Technologies and Cybersecurity in EU H2020 Funded Projectsat the “1st Open Annual Workshop on Future ICT” workshop organized by EIGHT BELLS, Athens, May 2022
  17. [TIM] Workshop participation. “5G Verticals, the experience from 5G-SOLUTIONS”, IEEE Future Networks World Forum (FNWF), Hybrid, Montreal, Canada, October 2022. Link: https://fnwf.ieee.org/workshops/workshop-5g-trials-across-multiple-vertical-industries/