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5G-SOLUTIONS is ICT-19’s flagship 5G-PPP project supporting EC’s 5G policy by implementing the last phase of the 5G cPPP roadmap. It started on 1st June 2019 and aims to prove and validate that the 5G capabilities provide prominent industry verticals with ubiquitous access to a wide range of forward-looking services with orders of magnitude of improvement over 4G, thus bringing the 5G vision closer to realisation. This will be achieved through conducting advanced field trials of 20 innovative use cases, over 5G-EVE and 5G-VINNI facilities in Italy, Norway, Greece, Ireland and Belgium directly involving end-users across five significant industry vertical domains:

The field trials will be used to validate both the technological as well as the business aspects of 5G for increased resilience, coverage and continuity, higher resource efficiency with concurrent usage by multiple verticals, boosted capacity and greater reliability. 5G-SOLUTIONS is in direct support of 5G-PPP’s aspiration to see new connected digital markets, and it contributes to the EC’s broader industry digitisation and policy objectives in support of the Digital Single Market, maintaining Europe’s leadership position in mobile telecommunications.