Training course:

  1. The IEEE ComSoc Autumn School 2019 on Network Slicing and Data-Driven Communication technically sponsored by 5G-SOLUTIONS was organized in Castelldefels (Spain) at CTTC premises with the participation of 34 students from 20 different countries.
  2. Ericsson Ireland Tech Days in 2020. LMI organised a session on 5G-SOLUTIONS, with a focus on the machine learning and automation in 5G network & service management.
  3. NOVA together with TNOR and CEL organized the 5G-SOLUTIONS webinar “5G impact in Media and Entertainment”, November 2021, Online. Presenters: Ioannis Markopoulos (NOVA), Per-Jonny Nesse (TNOR), Luigi Briguglio (CEL).
  4. TIM, Tutorial about 5G applications, taking strong consideration of 5G-SOLUTIONS results, “5G City – New Vertical Use Cases Enabled by 5G”, IEEE Future Networks World Forum (FNWF), 12-14 October 2022, Montreal, Canada.
  5. TIM, TNOR, CEL and CTTC organized the workshop & webinar “5G-SOLUTIONS Seminar – Co-creation for 5G solutions in Industry and Media”, November 2022, Oslo, Norway. The combined workshop & webinar (hybrid face-to-face and online) was organized by 5G-SOLUTIONS to facilitate dissemination for a broad audience beyond the 5G-SOLUTIONS project members, potential 5G enterprise customers, 5G vendors, SME solutions providers, operators and even students.